Law Enforcement, Federal Agency and US Military Branches specify and use BLAC-RAC weapon mounts for convenient and reliable firearm security in fixed wing and rotor aircraft applications. With adjustment to nearly all weapon types, deployment is protected—and
is the fastest available when seconds count.

BLAC-RAC weapon retention mounting systems have been adapted to fit aircraft of all types to allow law enforcement, federal agency, and military airborne responders to have their tactical weapons at the ready without carrying them in their hands while on patrol or responding. Some applications do not require the locking feature…BLAC-RACS are used as a secure gun rack while the aircraft is in motion. Weapons are secure, organized, with accessories (optics, laser, flashlight and 30 round magazine) attached and ready for the fastest deployment available today.


Models 1082 and 1070 can be matched with convenient and flexible mounting options for any fixed wing or rotor application. The model 1076 is a lighter weight version when ounces count. BLAC-RAC’s modular mounting accessories provide nearly limitless secure storage options. Contact BLAC-RAC Customer Service for details.


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