Law Enforcement, Federal, and Military agencies across the U.S. rely on BLAC-RAC weapon mounts for reliable security that adjusts to nearly all weapon types. Deployment is protected—and is the fastest available when seconds count.

Designed for modern tactical weapons: fits nearly 200 of the most widely-used duty weapons
Unique mounting accessories allow easy fitment to any land, sea or air vehicle
Flexible design accommodates fully-accessorized weapons; no need to remove critical accessories such as optics, laser, flashlight, and a magazine of up to 30 rounds
Restricts access to take-down pins, trigger group and magazine release
Electronic models include fully encapsulated, state-of-the-art microprocessor
All stainless-steel construction for durability and long-lasting performance
Vibration-dampening padded grip plates prevent movement and marring of weapon

The 1082 is the latest version of our most popular 1080 model. This state-of-the-art evolution includes enhanced locking features, for the best defensive protection for law enforcement.

Additional Models in the 1082 Series

1082-E: Electronically operated for quick deployment
      Auto reset after 8-second time delay
      Manual key override
      Space-saving vertical handle operation
1082-M: Exclusive BLAC-RAC-key operated
      Proprietary integral lock cannot be opened with handcuff keys for maximum security

1082 Key Features

1. Proprietary integral key lock – key cannot be copied
2. Durable, glass-filled nylon handle
3. Vertical motion handle – allows installation in tight spaces
4. Over-the-center clamp action – retains weapon in unlocked position
5. Slam latch – allows quick closing
6. Eccentric pistol grip rest – field adjustable to fit a variety of weapons
7. Patented grip plate design – exclusive, non-marring pads secure weapon, protect contact points and dampen vibration
8. Reinforced trigger post
9. Internal encapsulated microprocessor –standard delay of 8 seconds before re-locking
10. Single point mounting base – unlimited mounting options

Recommended Vehicle Uses and Mounting Accessories