Law Enforcement, Federal, and Military agencies across the U.S. rely on BLAC-RAC weapon mounts for reliable security that adjusts to nearly all weapon types. Deployment is protected—and is the fastest available when seconds count.

Designed for modern tactical weapons: fits nearly 200 of the most widely-used duty weapons
Unique mounting accessories allow easy fitment to any land, sea or air vehicle
Flexible design accommodates fully-accessorized weapons; no need to remove critical accessories such as optics, laser, flashlight, and a magazine of up to 30 rounds
Restricts access to take-down pins, trigger group and magazine release
Electronic models include fully encapsulated, state-of-the-art microprocessor
All stainless-steel construction for durability and long-lasting performance
Vibration-dampening padded grip plates prevent movement and marring of weapon

The 1091 MARINUS is unbeatable for marine and other outdoor use. It is constructed with corrosion-resistant materials and hardware, so it withstands the harshest of environments.

The 1091 tolerates exposure on deck, and can be mounted on bulkheads, grab rails, overheads and more. Weapons remain accessible rather than stowed away.

Additional Models in the MARINUS Series

1074 MARINUS: The same features as the BLAC-RAC 1070 model, plus stainless hardware for outdoor use.

1091 MARINUS Key Features

1. Proprietary integral key lock – key cannot be copied
2. Durable, glass-filled nylon handle
3. Vertical motion handle – allows installation in tight spaces
4. Over-the-center clamp action – retains weapon in unlocked position
5. Slam latch – allows quick closing
6. Eccentric pistol grip rest – field adjustable to fit a variety of weapons
7. Patented grip plate design – exclusive, non-marring pads secure weapon, protect contact points and dampen vibration
8. Reinforced trigger post
9. Internal encapsulated microprocessor –standard delay of 8 seconds before re-locking
10. Single point mounting base – unlimited mounting options

Recommended Vehicle Uses and Mounting Accessories