Hundreds of law enforcement agencies across the U.S. rely on BLAC-RAC weapon mounts for their motor fleets. Motors are often the quickest responders, and now they can be as prepared with firearms as their cruiser counterparts. Motors can be equipped with reliable security that adjusts to nearly all weapon types.
Deployment is protected—and is the fastest available when seconds count.


BLAC-RAC specializes in unique, varied weapons mounting options for motorcycles.

While the most common use is on Harley Davidson Road Kings, years 2008 to current, other makes and models can be accommodated. Contact customer service with questions and details on both standard and custom installations.

BLAC-RAC units can be custom mounted inside the saddle bag*, or exterior on the motor in various locations. The robust design, construction and superior materials keep the weapon secure and protected from the severe vibration and weather conditions that occurs with motor patrol use.

* The cut-away view above illustrates a Blac-Rac 1082 mounted inside the saddle bag. The maximum overall length of the weapon should be 27 inches. Note that special proprietary tamper-proof hardware is available to prevent removal of the entire saddle bag from frame of motor.
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