Mounting Accessories

Single and Double T-Channels

Horizontal mount on pickup truck cab's rear wall.

Attaches directly to vehicle partition or divider

Fits flat and recessed divider panels

Allows horizontal or vertical mount

Constructed of extruded structural aluminum

Single T-Channel standard 3" x 10 x ¾", or long 3" x 18" x ¾" (one per Blac-Rac unit)

Double T-Channel standard 9" x 18" x ¾" (allows two Blac-Rac units to be mounted side by side, between the seats)

Custom lengths and hole patterns available – contact customer service.

Free-Standing Mount

Free-Standing Mount with two 1082s

For vehicles without partition or divider, or where no suitable mounting surface is available

Accommodates single weapon (one unit), or dual weapons (two units side by side), or four weapons (two units side by side, front and back)

Constructed of extruded structural aluminum

Free-Standing Mount with weapons

Tube / Pipe Mount

Tube Clamp

Tube Mount on open-frame vehicle

Ideal mount for open-frame vehicles

Mount overhead on roll bar above partition

Allows BLAC-RAC mount to any tube or pipe for motorcycle, watercraft, or aviation vehicle

Solid structural aluminum construction

Small 7 ⁄ 8" to 1½" tube; Large 1½" to 2 ¼" tube

Customization Services

We have broad experience in customizing our products for your unique mounting needs. We’ll help explore your options for specialized or unique weapon platforms. Call us at 1-800-528-8040 or contact BLAC-RAC customer service for details.

*Additional non-recurring engineering, tooling, fixtures and other charges may be incurred. Modifications may affect warranty and disclaimers may be applied. Testing for the fitness of purpose, merchantability, safety, installation, security, and operational aspects would be the responsibility of the buyer/end user.