Law Enforcement Cruisers

Law Enforcement agencies across the U.S. rely on BLAC-RAC weapon mounts for reliable security that adjusts to nearly all weapon types. Deployment is protected—and is the fastest available when seconds count.

With over 40,000 units in use throughout North America and Europe, BLAC-RAC Tactical Weapons Retention Systems will fit any make and model of law enforcement vehicle and associated equipment. They can be installed on all partitions and cages whether they are flat panel, recessed panel, K9 or half cages. Overhead Tube mounting options are also available.


Vehicles without partitions can utilize the freestanding mounting system, ideal for Vans, SUV’s, Pick-Ups, Command Cars, Undercover and Specialty Vehicles. Standard configuration is for two BLAC-RAC units facing forward, and can accommodate up to four BLAC-RAC’s, two facing forward and two facing the rear. Swat Teams, Tactical Squads and Emergency Service Units can respond with weapons secure and ready for rapid deployment.

Recommended Products and Mounting Accessories