The BLAC-RAC is the most versatile, robust, compact and multi-platform weapons retention system on the market. Designed and constructed for today’s modern tactical weapons, the BLAC-RAC secures your weapons in a manner that allows for maximum flexibility. The BLAC-RAC is a paradigm shift in gun mount technology. It is a single point mount that is centered on the M4 lower receiver. However, it can accommodate a host of tactical weapons. The system is not weapon specific. Make, model, barrel length, stock or other attributes are no matter for the BLAC-RAC. Configure your weapons in the manner you require.

The BLAC-RAC system is accessory friendly. Lights, optics, lasers, front rails or other accessories do not present a hindrance to successful mounting. Weapons that are configured by the operator to their custom specifications will fit in the BLAC-RAC. Additionally, the system restricts access to the take-down pins, trigger group and magazine release.